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Air Conditioning & Batteries in Oxford

Air Conditioning

85% of all new vehicles now come with air conditioning as standard. As with most mechanical parts these systems need regular checks and servicing. We offer a complete range of services to ensure your system is running cleanly and safely. These range from anti bacterial clean to a full leak test and repair.

Air conditioning systems don’t just remove heat from the air entering your vehicle, it also removes moisture.

When there’s a lot of moisture in the air it can make the conditions uncomfortable and cause visability issues when window mist up.

When conditions are wetter with snow and rain, moisture is transfered into the cabin by its occupants. when the heater is used this will evaporate the moisture causing the windows to steam up.

Using the air conditioning will reduce or eliminate this so it is important that you have this maintained.


We have a range of batteries in stock. Ask one of the team for advice as to which type would best suit your needs.

During winter months a vehicles electrical system is under higher load due to more functions, ie; heater blower / air-con, heated rear screen, wiper motor, radio, lights etc.

Once the power of all these functions are added together there will be a lot of demand on the battery and alternator.

Over time if the performance of the battery or alternator degrades, the extra demand will result in insufficient charge to start the vehicle.

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